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Mule Deer Hunting & Whitetail Hunts

We let the pictures of our mule deer speak for themselves (check them out in our gallery). 

Each year we take out only a very limited number of deer hunters.  A Wyoming mule deer hunt is a very intreging adventure that can be one of the most challenging hunts we offer. 

To meet your trophy expectations and maintain a healthy herd, we are very selective in the number and type of deer we harvest each year off of our private ranches.

Consequently, our deer area has become one of the hottest areas in Southeastern Wyoming for trophy mule deer.  A successful mule deer hunt in Wyoming typically requires a lot of time glassing and a lot of patience.  Many times these big bucks will lay in their bed and simply not move a muscle and watch you go by.

Until you experience a Wyoming deer hunt, it is hard to imagine how well these animals blend in with their natural surroundings.  Many experienced mule deer hunters say it takes a well trained pair of eyes to pick out one of these big mulies.

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Bar-Nunn Hunting is a licensed Big and Trophy Game Outfitter in the State of Wyoming (License: BG-293)

Wyoming Deer Hunting - Season Dates

Hunt Area Season Dates
61 Oct. 1 - Oct. 14
62 Oct. 15 - Oct. 31
73 Oct. 15 - Oct. 31
74 Oct. 1 -Nov. 30
76 Oct. 1 - Oct. 14
77 Oct. 1 - Oct. 14
78 Oct. 1 -  Nov. 20

For further info see the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.


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