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Rifle and Archery Antelope Hunting Wyoming

Wyoming antelope hunting is what Wyoming is famous for and we have the quality to show for it. 

Antelope are in great abundance on the ranch, and offer an exceptional opportunity for every hunter to take home a trophy buck. Antelope hunting with Bar-Nunn has always enticed non-resident hunters. Our ranch is home to hundreds of antelope year round.  We are proud to offer a guaranteed shooting opportunity at a mature buck antelope for any of our clients choosing to book a Wyoming antelope hunt with us.  

An antelope hunt in Wyoming is a great vacation for anyone from the corporate executive looking for a trip for top employees to a father looking for a way to spend quality time with a special family member.

Wyoming Antelope Hunting - Season Dates

Archery Season begins August 15th and runs until September 20th

Hunt Area Rifle Season Dates
39 Oct. 5 - Oct. 31
40 Oct. 5 - Oct. 31
42 Sept. 25 - Oct. 31
43 Sept. 19 - Oct. 14
44 Sept. 12 - Sept. 30
45 Sept. 12 - Sept. 30

For further info see the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Fact: Wyoming has more antelope than the rest of North America combined.

We are a personal guide service, offering rifle-hunting trips and archery hunts in Wyoming on private lands for pronghorn antelope, elk, mountain lion and mule deer.

The Pronghorn Antelope is the fastest land animal in the United States which you will see for yourself once you hunt them. Antelope hunts combined with elk, deer or lion hunts offer a great hunting experience. Wyoming's Antelope archery hunts are a well kept secret, due to the size of Wyoming. Antelope are also fun to hunt because of the distances here in Wyoming. Experience for yourself the best Antelope and Mule Deer hunting Wyoming has to offer.


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Bar-Nunn Hunting is a licensed Big and Trophy Game Outfitter in the State of Wyoming (License: BG-293)


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