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Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain Lion hunting in Wyoming with Bar-Nunn offers the opportunity to experience one of the most exciting hunts in North America. 

The Wyoming Mountain Lion/Cougar season runs from September – March, however the most successful time to hunt a mountain lion is during the winter months.  We like to schedule our mountain lion hunts from November-March when there is adequate snow on the ground for our dogs to help track and catch these elusive animals.

We start very early in the morning looking for a fresh mountain lion track.  Once we have found a good track, the hunt is on!  However, finding the track is just the beginning to what can be a very long day of hiking through the toughest of terrain.  We strongly encourage all of our mountain lion hunters to get in the best shape possible prior to their hunt.  Due to the extreme physical exertion required for this hunt we strongly discourage anyone with health concerns or medical problems from attempting this hunt. 

Wyoming Mountain Lion hunting is unique in that anyone can purchase a license and you do not have to rely on a lottery drawing.  While a Mountain Lion hunt in Wyoming is one of the most physically demanding hunts you will ever experience it can also be the most rewarding.

Join us in the pursuit of one of the most elusive trophy game animals in the Mountain West.

Season Dates

The season runs from September through March.  There are different quotas in each hunt area. For further info see the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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Bar-Nunn Hunting is a licensed Big and Trophy Game Outfitter in the State of Wyoming (License: BG-293)


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